Mother Dalishia Salter abused her infant son and placed him outside in frigid temperatures. Father David Bryant found his son on the front porch severely beaten and has video proof of him finding his son as he tries to get into the home of ex-girlfriend Dalishia Salters.

Upon coming into the house Mr Bryant says, quote “you hurt my baby” while mother Dalishia Salters is seen and heard in video repeating “Oh well I’ll kill him”. [[VIDEO HERE]]

The Pittsburgh Police have since issued a warrant for Mr Bryant’s arrest because the mother accused him of hurting the baby. Why should David Bryant be jailed for saving his own baby’s life while he has clear video proof he did not harm his baby? 

This father and son need justice! [[Petition]]


Article 2

Police are unaware of video evidence the father posted on facebook

aww poor angel 😨😰😰😥

I really want to find that bitch and fucking kill her ass. She need’s her ass beat to death. I’m not even tryna hear shit about her depression or mental health or none of that bullshit. Idc shit about that when it comes to a child…..I hate her so much g. This has me so livid man……

there’s a warrant out for the dad since this monster claimed he’s the one who caused it, but there’s a video of him finding the child outside? please sign this

Hearing him crying is the saddest thing ever. Fuck this woman. She even said she didn’t even fucking care.

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me: *petting a cat* nice

cat: *bathes self where i touched it*

me: image

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life hack: kill everyone except ur crush so they’re forced to date u


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My toddler sim grew up into a teen and, well.  It looks like she’s half slender man. It wasn’t until she aged into a young adult that she stopped looking so alien.

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Jack the Ripper’s fifth victim, Mary Kelly.

how do they add color to this and still make it look all freaky and shit? damn

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I will never not reblog this. 

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if october to january isn’t your favorite time of the year you’re wrong

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Our little tree house refuge in the jungle. Thank you Charlie!

Toledo District, Belize.

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What You Crave vs What You Need
Chocolate:Raw nuts/seeds.
Oily/Fatty Snacks:Kale, leafy greens.
Soda/Carbonated Drinks:Actual, literal bubbles.
Chips/Salty Food:Topsoil.
Cookies:Freudian psychology.
Sweet Tea:A strong Southern gentleman to take care of you.
Ice:The sweet release of death.