" Friends don?t spy; true friendship is about privacy; too. —- Stephen King "
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Me and my best friend, my big brother, my co front man!

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Why are you using fat repeatedly when trying to offend us as if it’s the worst insult possible? Surely there are worse things you could be? For example you’re clearly a fucking rude naive little bitch with what I’m guessing is a shit personality. I think that’s worse. :) -K

K, you’re a bad bitch.

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Anonymous inquired Oh. How the hell would i get backstage when i'm starting out hahaha also, how do you get pictures with them after.. Like outside?

On the backstage front it takes a little while for so in the meantime work on connections. Going to drop dead events (Oli Sykes’ clothing line) was a help. Met a bunch of people there.

On the getting photos after, do you mean like a selfie, I’m just like hey I need to borrow you, take my selfies and then talk about whatever comes to mind. But if they’re just being surrounded by fans for the sake of it then I say “I need to borrow this boy. *insert dirty looks* and I’d then say, hey I’ll bring him back haha. If you keep frowning like that you’ll get old before your time.” Then I’d get me row of selfies if I get a dirty look and then take a couple portraits and chat etc.

If you want to meet up over coffee sometime, if you’re in the Camden area in London, I’d be happy to talk to you in person. I just thought it’d be easier than tumblr messages haha. Just a thought :)


Happy Birthday to Dreu.

Oldie but a goodie. Thanks misterjasonaalon. I appreciate it, darlin’!